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Today's menu

From 12 April

Olives and almonds 4/4.5


Bread basket 4

Pan con tomate 6.5, w/ anchovy 7.5


Pan with picos & anchovy 8.5


Wild garlic tortilla 6.5


Harissa 4

Padron peppers 5.5


Organic Cretan sausage 6


Labneh, deep-fried chickpeas & chilli butter 8


Deep fried aubergines, date molasses & feta 9


Seared artichokes, peas, asparagus & mizithra 11.5


Deep fried potatoes, zaatar, manchego & lemon 6.5


Chopped salad, almonds & molasses dressing 8.5


Red pepper dolma, burnt yoghurt 10.5


Lamb chops with anchovy butter 4.5 each


Charcoal grilled rabbit with romesco, braised chard 12.5


Wild seabass & pastirma bougiourdi (pastirma optional) 16


Cuttlefish, chickpea & green pepper stew, patatas alinadas 14



Crispy filo, semolina custard & rhubarb 9


Thyme honey & yoghurt ice cream 8


Olive oil & chocolate mousse 8


Cheese & membrillo 14




an optional service charge of 12.5% will be added to your bill

whilst we are happy to point out dishes that are known to contain allergens, we cannot guarantee the absence of their traces in any of our dishes

enquiries for parties or private hire please ask at the reception area, or email: info@moritohackneyroad.co.uk



 Please note that our vegan Monday menu and Tapa Hour offer are currently on pause and will resume in mid May, when we are allowed to reopen our doors for indoor dining again. Apologies in advance for any disappointment.