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Today's menu


Bread 4.5 / Olives 4.5 / Smoked almonds 4.5

 Boquerones 6 / Padron peppers 6

Pan con tomate 8 + anchovy 8.5





Sweet onion tortilla, alioli 8


Cheese fritters, Cretan honey 12


Feneos bean hummus with grilled nectarine, marinated peppers & fresh peas 12


Labneh with heritage tomato, dukkah & chilli butter 11


Deep-fried artichoke, black shallot, pickled broad beans, membrillo alioli 12


Black sea ajvar, pomegranate, crispy chickpea 10


Grilled purple asparagus & halloumi, pickled za’atar, sour cherry harissa

& pine nuts 13


Deep-fried aubergines, date molasses & whipped feta 10


Patatas bravas, alioli 9





Fish & Meat


Seabass ceviche, avocado, green chilli & coriander oil, black lime 15


Grilled mackerel with tomato, shallot, violetta potato & a moscatel & tarragon dressing 19


Romano pepper stuffed with cuttlefish & prawn kofte, piquillo sauce 14


Grilled wild seabass, asparagus, roast flat peach, grated cured tuna heart &
ajo blanco 18


Grilled ½ poussin, dakos salad 16


Vine- wrapped Iberian pork shoulder, slow-cooked flat bean & cinnamon, burnt yoghurt,

walnuts 17


Cretan sausage, flatbread, guindilla & yoghurt 13


Lamb chops & anchovy butter (two chops) 13



Peach & sumac meringue ice cream 9


Chocolate & olive oil mousse, hazelnuts 9


Churros, sesame butter, whipped vanilla cream 9


Crispy filo, vanilla custard, strawberry 10


Spanish cheeses with membrillo & crackers 14