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Today's menu

Christmas Menu

bread basket 4 / tortilla 6.5

Morito tabla - a selection of jamon iberico, lomo, Spanish cheeses, olives, almonds, sardinitas & crudites 23

smoked almonds 4.5 / marinated olives 4 / dukkah 4.5

alioli 4 / harissa 4.5 / padron peppers 6 / Cretan sausage 6.5

labneh, raw beetroot, mint & marcona almond salad 8

fried aubergines, date molasses & feta 9

guinea fowl, pastirma & cheese borek 12

deep fried rabbit, rosemary & muscatel dressing 12.5

braised fennel, walnuts & blue cheese sauce 11

arroz negro with cuttlefish & alioli 16

seabass & mussels, wilted herbs, fino, fried bread & alioli 17

buttered cavolo nero, anchovies, migas 12

beef stew, chestnuts, orange & garlic puree 14

bitter leaf salad, PX dressing & sesame brittle 11.50

charcoal grilled lamb chops, paprika & anchovy butter 4.5 ea

patatas bravas 6.5



chocolate mousse with orange and hazelnuts 8

honey & yoghurt ice cream, nut brittle 8

Spanish cheeses & membrillo 14

crispy filo, custard & roasted quince 9




Tapas Hours 3-5pm, Tuesday to Friday


Choice of:

1 Litre Sangria or 1 Litre Rebujito or Sherry Flight (50ml Manzanilla Gabriella, Gobernador Oloroso, Cream Cruz del Mar)

Served with:

Smoked Almonds & Marinated olives, Spanish tortilla with alioli, Hummus, Pan con Tomate

£15 per person

(min 2 people sharing)



an optional service charge of 12.5% will be added to your bill

whilst we are happy to point out dishes that are known to contain allergens, we cannot guarantee the absence of their traces in any of our dishes

enquiries for parties or private hire please ask at the reception area, or email: info@moritohackneyroad.co.uk