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Thursday 23rd August

Please note on mondays we serve a vegan menu only


a la carte


vegan mondays  

para picar

bread basket with za’atar  3.5

almonds 3.5/ olives 3

pan con tomate 5

pan con tomate, avocado, olive & marjoram salsa 5


watermelon & gem salad, migas, mint, toasted sunflower seeds 7.5

babaganoush, sundried tomato & peppers, crispy chickpeas & mint 7.5

deep fried aubergines, almond & oat yoghurt, date molasses 8.5

fattoush salad, sumac, pickled za’atar, purslane & crispy pita 7

seared oyster mushrooms, romesco aioli, hazelnut, migas & lemon 9

Syrian lentils, roast cherry tomato, crispy onions   7.5                                   

 salmorejo, Turkish green peppers 6

 humous, fried cauliflower, crispy chickpeas, & falafel spice 8.5

 patatas bravas, aioli 7.5

 deep fried courgette, cacik, lemon 8

 green salad 5

 stuffed romano peppers, bulgur, pine nuts & raisins 8


peach sorbet, hazelnuts 7

kanafeh, roasted apricot, pistachio 7


mezze lunch menu



a mezze plate with a choice of meat, fish or vegetarian for £13.50

served Tuesday to Friday lunchtime only

para picar

bread basket 3.5

almonds 4.5/ olives 4.5/ gilda 2

pan con tomate 4.5 / anchovy 6.5 / jamon 8

pan con picos de Europa & anchovy 8.5

Iberico jamon & lomo 14

courgette, sweet onion & spinach tortilla 6.5

grilled Cretan sausage yoghurt, paprika 6

padron peppers 5.5




labneh, courgette, mint, Marcona almonds & chilli butter 8

watermelon, feta & mint salad, rusks & toasted pumpkin seeds 9

cheese fritters & Cretan thyme honey 7.5

fried aubergines, date molasses & feta 8.5

patatas bravas, aioli 7.5

green salad 5


grilled squid, manchego, rocket & lemon 15

pan fried red mullet, tomato, rosemary & muscatel vinegar 14

grilled mackerel, escabeche 14

whole grilled John Dory, tomato, feta, black olive salsa 18




pork fillet, salmorejo, migas 12.5

charcoal grilled lamb chops, paprika & anchovy butter 4.5 each

grilled chicken, tahini yoghurt, red chilli 12

pigeon, labneh, nectarine, crispy chickpeas  12.5



chocolate & olive oil mousse, hazelnuts 7


crispy filo, peach  & custard 7.5


apricot ice cream, pistachio 7.5


la peral, arseniko, mizithra & membrillo, petimezi  14

set menu

tuesday - sunday



fino or electrico & apple aperitivo

roasted smoked almonds & gilda


a sharing selection of

labneh, courgette, mint, chilli butter & Marcona almonds


watermelon, feta & mint salad, rusks & toasted pumpkin seeds


fried aubergines, date molasses & feta




a choice of

charcoal grilled lamb chops, paprika & anchovy butter


 grilled mackerel, escabeche


vegetarian mezze


a choice of

crispy filo, peach & custard


chocolate & olive oil mousse, hazelnuts


 la peral, arseniko, mizithra & membrillo, petimezi & figs


£30 per head without aperitivo

£35 per head with aperitivo




Saturday & Sunday, 9.30am-12pm only


homemade granola - cardamom, yoghurt/milk/almond milk, pomegranates & pistachios 7  

msemen (Moroccan bread) fresh seasonal jam & butter 5 

beghrir (Moroccan pancakes)fresh goat’s curd & thyme honey 6    

bougatsa - Cretan filo pastry, fresh cheese, sugar & cinnamon 6.5  

pan con tomate 4.5 / anchovy 6.5 / jamon 7  

poached eggs, spinach, chilli butter, seasoned yoghurt & crispy sage, anchovy (optional) 9.5/10.5 

traditional Turkish menemem eggs, sujuk sausage(optional) 9/10 

huevos rotos, peppers, smoked paprika, chorizo (optional) 9/10  

jamon & tetilla toastie 9



Tuesday – Friday lunch 12 noon – 3pm  

  Monday – Friday dinner 5.30pm – 10.30pm

Saturday 9.30am—10.30pm     Sunday 9.30 am – 9pm

Saturday & Sunday 4pm – 5pm para picar only


an optional service charge of 12.5% will be added to your bill

whilst we take every precaution, we cannot guarantee all game birds and fowl are free of lead shot

allergen information available on request, please inform us of any allergies or intolerances

enquiries for parties or private hire please ask at the reception area, or email: info@moritohackneyroad.co.uk