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Downstairs at Morito

Five years after launching on Hackney Road, East London favourite, Morito, is opening a new bar - Downstairs at Morito - on the floor beneath their acclaimed east London neighbourhood restaurant.

Downstairs at Morito brings together their love of food and live music, supporting local talent with ticketed Morito Music nights running every Tuesday from 14th September. The warm and welcoming bar will be open every Thursday*, Friday and Saturday evenings, serving the well-loved Southern Spanish, Eastern Mediterranean and North African dishes as in the restaurant, but with a casual late-night bar atmosphere and a focus on cocktails.

Downstairs at Morito has been beautifully designed, by collaborators Studiomania, as an atmospheric late-night addition to the restaurant, where classic Morito dishes, communal dining and good quality cocktails come hand-in-hand. 


Opening Times
Tuesday: 6.30pm-11.30pm
*Thursday: 6.30pm-11.30pm (from 23rd Sept)
Friday-Saturday: 6pm-12am