Olives Morito Hackney Road

24/01/2023 - Calcotada 2023!

Thanks for celebrating with us - we look forward o seeing you all in 2024!
Morito is celebrating Catalonia's famous onion festival, the Calçotada!
The Gran Fiesta de la Calçotada is returning on Sundays with a special menu to celebrate the harvest of the Calçot – paired perfectly with El Bandarra, the Spanish aperitivo!
In Valls, the epicentre of the Calçotada, large bunches of this Catalan onion, fresh from the earth, are grilled over an open fire until charred then wrapped in newspaper.


The calçots are peeled with bare hands, dunked in romesco sauce made from almonds and peppers, and devoured.


True to the Catalonian spirit, it is a great excuse to get together, talk, party and more importantly eat onions!


For £40 per head, Morito diners can experience a taste of the Gran Fiesta de la Calçotada in Hackney!




el bandarra al fresco spritz
gilda & pan con tomate



charcoal grilled calçots & romesco sauce



chicharrones, butifara, judion beans and January King cabbage
cuttlefish & mussel stew with patatas pobres & saffron alioli
judion beans, grilled purple sprouting broccoli, caper salsa & migas (ve)

chicory salad



tarta de Santiago & orange salad

*el bandarra vermut blanco £5 supplement