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Friday 25th february


para picar


bread basket 2.5

padron peppers 4.5

pan con tomate 4.5 with anchovy 6.5 with jamon 7

gilda – anchovy, tomato, guindilla 1.5

pan con picos de Europa & anchovy 7

beef kibbeh, walnuts and herb borani 5

jamon iberico plate 12

olives 3 / almonds 3.5 / dukkah 3.5




labneh, roast pumpkin, crispy chickpeas & pistachio 7

caramelized hispi cabbage, crispy capers, paprika 6

cheese fritters & cretan thyme honey 6

shaved cauliflower, manchego & parsley salad 6

fried aubergines, date molasses & feta 7

anthotyros - fresh sheep’s cheese,pickled za’atar & kalamata olives 7.5

dolma – stuffed vine leaves, raisins, pine nuts,

grilled calçots & romesco 7.5

golden beetroot, orange, mizithra & mixed seed dukkah 6



charcoal grilled whole mackerel 13.50

seafood tagine, ginger, preserved lemon & couscous 12 

octopus, fava bean & oloroso onions 13

grilled skate wing, monk's beard, prawns and fabuloso brandy14

cornish mussels, slow cooked beans, saffron & chorizo 9

braised cuttlefish, fino, coriander potatoes 10




spiced lamb & hummus, pine nuts, pomegranate & mint  7.5

charcoal grilled lamb chops, paprika & anchovy butter 4.5 each

charcoal grilled quail, aubergine & tahini puree, pine nuts & medjoul dates 9.5

fried rabbit, rosemary, moscatel vinegar 7.5

pollo al ajillo, braised horta 9




blood orange & yoghurt ice cream, pistachio biscuit 6

manchego & la peral, membrillo 7

chocolate & olive oil mousse, hazelnut 7


an optional service charge of 12.5% will be added to your bill.

allergen information available on request, please inform us of any allergies or intolerances